Curriculum & Learning Approach

VSH School offers a wide and varied experience of learning that has been designed and tailored for the specific needs of children. Emphasis is laid on acquiring & logical ability and nurture multiple intelligence by adopting innovative methods to stimulate interest and attention among the student.

Pre-Primary Level

  • Learning is made interesting, fun and activity oriented at this level.
  • Participation of the students is encouraged through activities as drawing, colouring, writing, group games, clay modeling, puzzles, flash cards and conversation
  • Poems and stories are dramatized using expressive actions and Smart Learn Interactive Boards.
  • Nature walk and regular educational tours to the zoos, Railway museums, game parks, picnics to various interesting and fun filled spots develop a sense of openness toward the world.
  • Students are equipped with life skills by designing activities to promote classification skill, conversational skill, drawing conclusion, experimenting, indentifying patterns, motor skills, observation and recognition skills, social behaviour, thinking skills, understanding concept vocabulary enhancement.

Primary Level

The primary education module is designed to enable the students to acquire academic excellence, emotional development & sensory experience. Various subjects like English, Mathematics, Hindi, General Science, Social Science, General Knowledge, Computer Science, Art & Craft, Music & Dance are incorporated into the context of students’s lives so that the school education becomes more meaningful & relevant in today’s life.

Middle Level

At this stage, learning takes the course of interactive methodology whereby the students are encouraged to actively participate in classroom discussion and be a part of the learning process. The classroom assignments given at the end of month which go beyond the text. The main subjects taught are’ English Mathematics, Hindi, Sanskrit, General Science, Social Studies, General Knowledge, Computer Science, Art & Craft, Music & Dance’

Information & Communication Technology

School uses ICT to enhance and support the learning of each child enabling different children to learn in different ways as knowledge can not confine to text books.
To ensure that students have an access to computers, Computer Lab has been equipped with sufficient number of computers. Students are motivated to use the computer right from junior classes. They are given ample opportunities to increase their knowledge and skills in the IT arena